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We Offer Fully Managed IT Services and Project Based IT Solutions, Highly Tailored IT Design, Management & Support Services.

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What We Bring To You

Managed IT Services

TEYLAD offers accepted enterprise benefits of Managed Services solutions that include predictable monthly operating costs, reduced hardware costs, minimal software upgrade responsibilities, improved reaction time to threats and quicker ramp times. Historically, enterprises have primarily been motivated by a reduction in operating costs as the key driver to consider Managed Services.


I.T Infrastructure services

Across industries around the world, digital transformation (DX) is changing the way companies of all sizes do business. Harnessing the power of the network infrastructure, companies leverage new network competencies to transform every step of the value chain. They will need to obtain a Network infrastructure that meets their business needs.


Network Security Services

With the adoption of digitalization through all businesses globally, security is the core need that has to be at the heart of this transformation. Security teams have to take a proactive stand to ensure that companies are guarded against cyber-attacks. Our team will be there to detect, counter and recover from threat actors and breaches impacting your business operations.


App Security Services

Research has shown that up to 90% of web applications contain medium- to high-risk security flaws. Today, Applications are an entry way to enormous amounts data but how are you protecting your applications from today’s threats? Our Teylad security experts are actively involved in identifying critical web application security flaws in order to detect and mitigate potential threats.


Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to introduce new sources of growth, change how work is done and reinforce the roles of people to drive growth in business. It’s impact on business is projected toincrease labor productivity and enable people to make more efficient use of their time.


Technology Consulting

Our Teylad technology consulting services are customized to your needs to pave your way to transformation with trending technology, design thinking and agility, while also enhancing your existing systems at a pace that’s right for your business.


Application Services

To ensure that your company is the disruptor rather than the disrupted, innovation at the heart of your applications is mandatory. Our innovation-led approach to application services helps you to reinvent your business application portfolio.


Cloud Provisioning

Cloud computing can help organizations provide better services while reducing costs and streamlining IT. But while cloud computing offers many benefits, the provisioning, managing, and monitoring of applications and services in the cloud can be complicated.


Internet Services

Internet Services allows us to access huge amount of information such as text, graphics, sound and software over the internet. Teylad Technologies is a fast paced young dynamic and energetic team with a fun centered culture that is committed to improvement of personal lives, technological growth, engagement with community as well as personal development.


Fibre Infrastructure Services

We provide, deploy and maintain on behalf our customers any fiber optic network ranging from FTTx infrastructure to high speed backbones and metro networks.
Our fiber optic expertise spans hundreds of kilometers in complex, broadband projects across Uganda with a turnkey approach that covers all the stages of network deployment.